My name is Sarah and I’m a pre-nursing student in search of a job (hopefully that changes soon). I’ll be going to nursing school in the Fall if I can just get into a program (here’s hoping). I enjoy makeup, a lot, and will talk about it in passing or reviews. I also love PC gaming and Nintendo, which I’ll probably talk about as well!

I have two cats and currently live with my parents due to some nasty circumstances (divorce sucks). My living arrangements will probably change soon. I’m currently in a relationship with a wonderful guy, an engineering student, and despite it being a long distance relationship, we make it work. It’s been 3 years! Who knows what we are at this point? He sure doesn’t.

I also enjoy other forms of entertainment such as reading, television, movies, live shows, etc. I’m a pretty easy going person and enjoy new things.

Another huge aspect of my life is that I’m on the ketogenic diet. For those that don’t know what that is, it’s basically a high fat, mid protein, low carb diet. That means cutting carbs and sugars! It’s been going great and I hope to track my progress somewhat using this site. Look it up if you are seriously wanting to lose weight while eating all the bacon you want. As much I LOVE keto, it killed my gallbladder. I need to get it removed before trying to get back on it. ): Still would highly recommend.

As you can tell, things change. As you can also tell, I’m basically an open book. I have nothing to hide. I share my downs, my ups, my twirls, my bad jokes, my even worse jokes.. I simply don’t care. My brain goes a mile a minute due to anxiety and if you can’t deal with that, there’s always another blog to read. <:


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