Another review to chew on. Shortie but a goodie.

So I got acrylic nails for the first time ever today and typing has never been such a challenge. Pressing shift to capitalize shit is basically making my ring finger a contortionist.

Anyway, I played a really awesome game recently called MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT. Yes, it is in all caps. It was created by Square Enix (no, please, I promise it’s a good game), and developed by Airtight Games. Airtight also made Quantum Conundrum, another excellent game mind you…

So this is a story driven game involving a bit of stealth and collection and puzzle. I don’t really want to give much info about the game itself because a huge aspect is already a spoiler for some.

You’re a detective and you’re trying to solve a particular murder. In the process you find out there’s a slew of other murders and they’re all connected.

The story is excellent. The game is quite appealing graphically (I played on PC). It was emotional and a little scary at times and there are definitely some WTF moments.

Here’s a link to the game on Steam.

Sorry for such a short post today. It’s quite late and these new nails are gonna take some getting used to.


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