Making Amazon that Much Better

You can add other things that aren’t on Amazon to Amazon!

Note: Buying from an outside store (that isn’t through Amazon) means you will need to get your giftee’s address.┬áThis extension just makes it possible to add items to your wishlist that aren’t on Amazon and for your potential gifter to see said items.

If you use Chrome, Firefox, or even Internet Explorer (which you shouldn’t be) there is an extension that adds a button to the top of your browser.


Say you go to a site like.. Ulta and look up some Tarte product or something, you click that Amazon button and a little window will pop up that allows you to change the price or add notes (such as the color you want, because sometimes it isn’t smart enough to post the color of the proper shade).


Also when you try to add an item that isn’t from Amazon, the extension will let you know if they found a match on Amazon for you, so you get the see the price difference!


For the sake of this “tutorial”, I clicked to add it from Ulta despite them being the same price.

Once you add it to your Amazon wishlist, it will show the picture (if there is one) and the price on your list!


I have also highlighted the fact that it will post a redirect link BACK to Ulta so whoever wants to buy you that item, can see it at Ulta without them having to look it up for themselves.

And finally I highlighted the fact that you can still choose to view the Amazon Match. This is a neat feature because say that blush price dropped on Amazon a few days later. You can then choose to show the Amazon Match instead so that you can save your glammer a few bucks!

I love this feature. I’m sure people who have gifted me have looked at my wishlist and been like “wtf is going on here” but it’s very convenient for MY listing purposes for items that I want to keep track of that I want without having to excel spreadsheet that bitch.

Hope this helps some lovely ladies and gentleman!

Here is a one-size-fits-all link for the wishlist add-on from Amazon: [click!]


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