The F word

We all have been there. We have called ourselves and others it at least once. We have felt it and seen it and we definitely hate it.

Fat. Fat is that nasty, festering, little word that makes us put down food, or pick up more. It eats at us and makes us depressed or drives us to get off our butts. We feel fat, we are fat, we consume fat.

Not all fat is bad though. There are definitely good fats. Best of all, you can use fat to burn fat. Seriously. It’s the coolest thing about fat.

So you’re probably wondering.. “How the heck does that work, Sarah?”

It’s pretty simple if you think about it. If the majority of your consumption in a day is fat, what will your body eventually want to burn for fuel? Fat, of course. So when your body chooses to burn fat over simple sugars or carby breads, it will use your fat stores (i.e. that belly you just can’t seem to get rid of) and you will begin to see a decrease in your pant size.

I mentioned in the About Me section that the ketogenic diet is a new and effective lifestyle for me. I have dropped weight, lost inches and all (pretty much) without giving up things I love. Was there an adjustment period? Oh, definitely. Would I have started it sooner if I had known about it before? Hell yes. There have no been no adverse side effects for me since beginning this diet. In fact, I am feeling better than I have been in a long, long time.

My blood pressure has gone down to the perfect levels (120/70), I’ve lost 30lbs, I’ve lost 2 pant sizes, my energy level is higher, my iron levels have become easier to manage, my cholesterol is great, my stomach problems are gone and… I could keep listing but I think you get the picture.

So what is keto anyway? I could link to sources of explanation, but I’ll put it in simple terms. It’s a high fat, mid protein, low carb lifestyle change. That means you cut the breads, the starches and the sugars. It also means you can eat all the bacon you want. Within reason, of course.

Now wait, hold on, Sarah, don’t you need sugar for certain functions in your body? Don’t you NEED a balanced diet that my nutritionist has been trying to get me on for years? No. You don’t NEED it. Your body needs fat and protein. The entirety of your body functions of the basis of proteins interacting with one another. Hell, your DNA is made of proteins. And fat.. fat is a precious and smart thing. It can be turned into pretty much anything your body uses. It’s also the most conservative energy resource you can possibly feed your body, leaving you fuller longer and more energized throughout your day. So no, you don’t need sugar for a healthy brain. No, you don’t need bread for.. anything, really. You need fat and protein.

For those that want a vegan, or vegetarian approach, look up vegan keto or look into the paleo diet. Paleo is great and goes back to the roots of human ancestry to figure out the necessities of our body. I’m not on the whole “PROCESSED FOODS HAVE RUINED US” “GO ORGANIC OR GO HOME”, but I do have a much better understanding of how wasteful it is to eat candy and cake and bread and sugar. It doesn’t do anything for us, except make us fat and unhealthy.

Some of my best resources for information have come from reddit. Specifically from /r/keto. The sidebar has all the info you can possibly need to get yourself started.

The hardest part for me was figuring out a meal plan. I’ve learned that preparing meals and pre-packaging them for the week is the best thing. It helps with portion control and you can do all your cooking in one or two days for the entire week. When you need a meal, you pull it out of the fridge, heat it up and go to town. I’ve seriously been loving some homemade chili lately (thanks, mom, you make some awesome chili!). A great resource for recipes is /r/ketorecipes. Soooo many awesome things to try and sooo many crave fillers. You know what I’m talking about. When you want chocolate or cake or ice cream.. You don’t have to give that up, you just have to adjust the recipe for a keto lifestyle. Educate yourself on sweeteners or alternative flours. Realize that most things in a can will have unnecessary carbs in it and making it yourself will be better.

Is it more work? Sure. Is it worth it? Oh, yes. I can’t imagine living any differently now and I don’t want to. I am happier and I know that in a year, I will have dropped at least 60 more pounds.

Here are some recipe photos that might make you realize how delicious this diet is.






The above pictures can be accredited to the users on /r/ketorecipes where I pulled them from. Go look for yourself!


From a great blog<3


From another amazing ketoer<3


An all time fav for me!

Yes all of those photos are pictures of yummy eats you can still have while doing keto. They are just all adapted to be low carb!

It’s not just for overly fat people. If you just want to drop 10lbs, try it. Add in a little weight lifting and you can get those cut abs you’ve always wanted. It’s all about perseverance and asking yourself what is more important: eating that cake or living a healthier lifestyle?

P.S. Some great resources to learn the importance of weight lifting for women and where to start!

Here. and Here!


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