In the beginning..

It’s odd that I decided this was the time to start writing down.. anything at this point in time. It is the new year so I suppose that makes sense. I think it’s a good time to look over my goals and plans for the year. A bullet list seems so cliche, but there’s nothing else that seems so organized.

1. Weight. Loss. My biggest goal ever. I’ve started this ketogenic diet and I’ve lost 20lbs so far. It’s time to stick to it and get to a healthy weight.

2. Steam games must be played. I’ve got tons of games I’ve never even installed and it’s time to play them! I’m not currently working so that seems like a feasible plan.

3. Makeup reviews. I’ve learned that I’m quite intelligent when it comes to makeup. I’ve learned a lot and people listen to me when I share an opinion. That sounds pretty conceited… /: I just want to share some knowledge with the world about something I love. Is that bad?!

4. Read more, write more. I used to do both of those things A TON when I was younger. I want to bring them back into my life. I need to find an external floppy drive so I can get some of my in progress book works off of some floppies!

I like to think I’ll continue posting. It may not be anything of substance to anyone else, but it should definitely be fun for me!


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