Reconnecting – Social Media for Me?

Off topic starter: Where is all my time?! Between work, managing the house to help with my mom and grandmother, exercise and actually cooking all my meals, I’ve got no me time left! Is this adulthood? My SO is currently dealing with this transition as well, except a lot less graciously. ūüėČ Oh well. C’est la vie.

So social has never been a thing for me. I have always hated the idea of sharing things that no one really cared about and I never felt I had anything worth sharing to begin with. What a great attitude, right?

Well this past week, I looked into my Facebook account. My mom had taken it over some time ago to help her with Mafia Wars and SuperPoke Pets or some crap like that so I had TONS of friends I didn’t even know.

I cleaned all that up, updated all the correct information, changed the password, added photos; basically got it all set up to reflect the actual me.

Then I went and found my old high school friends. Many are still active on Facebook and I became enthralled reading about their current jobs and who is married now (we’re all around 25/26 years old now). I found friends that has completely changed career paths. I found many friends who were still with their high school sweethearts (so awesome!) and also some that were not that much further along in life than I am.

I mean, I don’t have a Bachelor’s in anything, but I’ve got experience coming out of my ears. I have 2 steady jobs, a loving boyfriend that’s in it for the long run and pets. Pets are very important on Facebook ;P.

After seeing the directions my friends have gone, I didn’t feel like such an utter failure. To be fair, none of my friends deal with debilitating and chronic pain like I do and they all pretty much had parents that paid for their college. So while I sit here with no medical insurance dealing with shoulder/neck/back pain and debt out of my asshole, I still feel okay.

And I find that confusing.

If this was 2 years ago, I’d find this all depressing, but I just feel uplifted and inspired. I used to be able to do so much (like run.. like at all and lift weights, which are two very fun things for me). I can’t do anything now really. I walk, but it’s short distances. I lift, but it kills my shoulder. And for once in my life, I’m okay with being broken.

I know someday I’ll get the help I need. Somehow. I think I was just so proud to see all that my friends had accomplished and how happy they seemed to be that I just sort of forgot my own struggles. Instead of going “that bitch, must be nice going to London” or whatever, I just have to smile and think “that is so cool, I’m really happy for them!”.

It’s funny. I was always thought of as the mother of my group of friends. I always cared too much and gave too much. I guess I am still that way. I guess I’ll always be that way.

Anyway, it has been fun just to see and stalk these old classmates and share in their happy moments. I shouldn’t have felt ashamed of my past. It’s not a good reason to stay away from people. I should own my shortcomings and what life has given me. Everyone has something they’re dealing with and I need to remember that or I will continue to miss out on wonderful opportunities.


Give it up for some word throw up.. er.. flow: Stardew the Dew Valley

My dream for this little baby WordPress account was for me to be able to let some conscious word barf happen. I might review a little bit of this. Maybe a little bit of that. In fact, let’s throw out a little review or two right now.

I am currently playing Stardew Valley. <– Click that mother flippin’ link.

It’s a Harvest Moon-esque game, I’ve been told. I personally wouldn’t know. I’ve never played any of the Harvest Moons. Anyway, I’m enjoying it way more than I ever imagined I would. It has sprite graphics that remind me a lot of RPG maker characters. It has farming. It has romance. It even has 4 seasons. As a Texan… WHAT?!

If you think it’s just a farming simulator (as I first thought it would be), you’re wrong. No, I don’t want to hear your arguments. You. Are. Wrong.

There are quests, there’s killing of monsters, there’s magic, there’s collection, there’s events and secrets galore! I mean.. you can even fish up some 21inch chub.. How hot is that?

The game starts a bit slow as you are earning money and doing more menial quests, but as time progresses and you start to notice that cute doctor from the hospital eyeing you, or that sexy redhead checking you out, you’re fully invested. You start giving up your turnips and your diamonds for this person and in the back of your mind, you’re like.. wtf am I doing? These are pixels and I’m LOSING MONEY.

It doesn’t matter though. Love always wins out. Unless you become a vagrant like the guy in the tent… Poor Linus.

Anywho, it’s amazing. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. The controls can be a bit fiddly to get used to, but otherwise, it’s a simple game with a simple concept.

On that note, there is one improvement that I suggest you apply yourself. There are actually mods available for this game. You can find the loader here. SMAPI is the bomb. It consolidates all the mods you’d like to use and runs Stardew Valley on its own loading up the mods as it goes. It’s a no brainer. Google foo up a step by step if you are in dire need. I’m not going to go repeating the process when I know there are other who have done it before me. GIVE THEM THE CREDIT, YA KNOW?

So once you have SMAPI, you want to get any mod that lets you increase your move speed. The beginning of the game is absolutely grueling when all you can do is walk. Slow. As. Shit. Everywhere. Eventually you will open fasted transportation methods, but those are spoilers and we can’t have those here.

I would say the one major flaw right now is that after you get hitched to your guy or gal, they kind of become Stepford Wives/Husbands. It’s been going around that they will be adding more meat to the social aspect of the game so keep your hopes up if that’s what you like!

All in all, I rate it an 8/10 sweet chili sauce for this eggwoll. :v

Making Amazon that Much Better

You can add other things that aren’t on Amazon to Amazon!

Note: Buying from an outside store (that isn’t through Amazon) means you will need to get your giftee’s address.¬†This extension just makes it possible to add items to your wishlist that aren’t on Amazon and for your potential gifter to see said items.

If you use Chrome, Firefox, or even Internet Explorer (which you shouldn’t be) there is an extension that adds a button to the top of your browser.


Say you go to a site like.. Ulta and look up some Tarte product or something, you click that Amazon button and a little window will pop up that allows you to change the price or add notes (such as the color you want, because sometimes it isn’t smart enough to post the color of the proper shade).


Also when you try to add an item that isn’t from Amazon, the extension will let you know if they found a match on Amazon for you, so you get the see the price difference!


For the sake of this “tutorial”, I clicked to add it from Ulta despite them being the same price.

Once you add it to your Amazon wishlist, it will show the picture (if there is one) and the price on your list!


I have also highlighted the fact that it will post a redirect link BACK to Ulta so whoever wants to buy you that item, can see it at Ulta without them having to look it up for themselves.

And finally I highlighted the fact that you can still choose to view the Amazon Match. This is a neat feature because say that blush price dropped on Amazon a few days later. You can then choose to show the Amazon Match instead so that you can save your glammer a few bucks!

I love this feature. I’m sure people who have gifted me have looked at my wishlist and been like “wtf is going on here” but it’s very convenient for MY listing purposes for items that I want to keep track of that I want without having to excel spreadsheet that bitch.

Hope this helps some lovely ladies and gentleman!

Here is a one-size-fits-all link for the wishlist add-on from Amazon: [click!]


P.S. Feel free to add me on Steam ;D

Rimmel Kate #12, a must have orange!

I’m not the biggest lipstick person, or I wasn’t.. until I found out that orange is an acceptable lip color. Orange is just so much better than red in my honest opinion. It’s more flattering for most skin tones, it’s easier to wear and it’s more sexy and adventurous to me! I watch Shaaanxo religiously on Youtube and from what I’ve gathered, orange lips are her favorite “color” lip. When she was doing swatches of her MAC collection and provided one for Morange, I just about died. Amazing color! I had to get my own orange.

I’m hardly made of money. Well, not even remotely made of money. I donate plasma twice a week to be able to buy anything.. So purchasing a MAC lipstick was out of the question. They aren’t the most expensive in the world, but they’re too expensive for me at this time. So off to Wal-Mart I went! I am a huge fan of Rimmel products in general and had heard good things about the Kate collection so this was my first stop in the makeup section.

When I saw it, I¬†knew I¬†had to have it. It was beautiful, flattering and sooo creamy! It’s not nearly as bright as MAC’s Morange, but I find that because of that, it’s a bit more wearable and less scary to people who are newer to bright lip colors.

IMG_2062  IMG_2063  IMG_2065

It may seem intimidating, but once you put it on and realize it doesn’t make your teeth look yellow and it’s not as overbearing as a red.. you might like it! I think this looks GREAT on fair and medium skin tones. I’m very pale and you can see that it looks quite nice on me.

IMG_2055  IMG_2057

Here are my ratings on the product.

Longevity means the staying power of the product. 1 means it’s terrible, 10 means it’s excellent.

Transfer rate means the rate at which this product comes off with a swipe of your hand or napkin or food product. 1 means it’s quite¬†transferable, 10 means it’s not.

Finish: Fairly matte

Drying?: No

Longevity: 7.5/10

Transfer rate: 5.5/10

Price: $4.97 at Wal-Mart

Price per gram: $ 1.2425 / g

Easy to apply and easy to wear. Would recommend to everyone I know!

In the beginning..

It’s odd that I decided this was the time to start writing down.. anything at this point in time. It¬†is¬†the new year so I suppose that makes sense. I think it’s a good time to look over my goals and plans for the year. A bullet list seems so cliche, but there’s nothing else that seems so organized.

1. Weight. Loss. My biggest goal ever. I’ve started this ketogenic diet and I’ve lost 20lbs so far. It’s time to stick to it and get to a healthy weight.

2. Steam games must be played. I’ve got tons of games I’ve never even installed and it’s time to play them! I’m not currently working so that seems like a feasible plan.

3. Makeup reviews. I’ve learned that I’m quite intelligent when it comes to makeup. I’ve learned a lot and people listen to me when I share an opinion. That sounds pretty conceited… /: I just want to share some knowledge with the world about something I love. Is that bad?!

4. Read more, write more. I used to do both of those things A TON when I was younger. I want to bring them back into my life. I need to find an external floppy drive so I can get some of my in progress book works off of some floppies!

I like to think I’ll continue posting. It may not be anything of substance to anyone else, but it should definitely be fun for me!